Cheesecake Gallery

I've mentioned here previously that I make vegan cheesecakes, but I don't upload them as often as I should. I'd like to make my Instagram more representative of the various vegan desserts I make, my problem is eating the creations before taking pictures of them! Anyway, here's a flavour of the cheesecakes I've done. They… Continue reading Cheesecake Gallery


Lemon and Poppyseed Cake

I've never actually been that good at baking cakes; throughout the years I've had sunken middles, stodgy fillings and other things that just make for a bad cake. About three years ago I attempted to do a butter sponge topped with regal icing for my then-boyfriend-now-husband's birthday. This was the result: It was actually quite ambitious,… Continue reading Lemon and Poppyseed Cake


So I’ve finally done this thing….

Hey 🙂 I'm Abi, also known as The Cocoa Vegan. Ten years ago I became vegetarian and for the past two years I've been cutting dairy products from my diet. It's been a difficult process made easier by my love of cooking and experimenting with new foods. I can stand around in supermarkets for hours,… Continue reading So I’ve finally done this thing….