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Recipe: Sticky Udon Noodles!

What’s been happening?

Well, a lot personally. Since 2017 I embarked on a new career in IT at the Houses of Parliament, moved house twice, welcomed three more babies to the family, started a personal writing blog, and wrote two novels. The first ended up being a “burner novel”, as in, the book you write that really just teaches you how to complete a novel to high standard, but isn’t always good enough or “sellable” enough for agents to take it on. After some kind feedback from one agent regarding the first novel, I got to work completing the novel of my dreams, I guess: a speculative story about race in London. I started sending it off this July, particularly sending it to an agent who, after hearing the synopses, told me the story was unique, urgent and much more interesting than my first. So here’s hoping that by the end of this year I have an agent at least!

The amazing Kimchee!

I’m also still working on new cheesecake designs that I really need to upload to Instagram soon, but due to the moves, I had to leave a lot of my baking equipment behind. A shame, but it gives me a chance to get even better equipment than before, now that I’m in a job that pays more than before.

My weight loss has been ticking along nicely as well. I’m just over 12 stone now, my goal is somewhere about 11st, but I won’t mind getting back down to 10. I have some clothes that are size 12s that I really want to fit back into, so I have some motivation to keep me going.

One thing that’s been a great improvement since last past blog post is my relationship with food. I don’t suffer from guilt anymore if I have something with dairy, or something that’s a little “naughty”, but I also make sure not to make a habit out of unhealthy eating. We bought a weight training set and and exercise bike at home that are both used in little bursts of motivation before being kicked to the side again (LOL), but they’re there, and I’m glad I have them.

With that out the way, on to the food.


I’m sure I’ve told you before how much I love Kimchee in Holborn, right? I really like the food but the service is poor. The dish that I consistently order is their yaki udon with fried tofu. it just tastes so good, and I get it so often that I started to taste the individual flavours in the sauce. One day I thought: hey, maybe I should just make my own sometimes and save money (and lower my blood pressure)? So, here it is!

Sticky Udon Noodles (Vegan)

Serves: 2
Prep time: 15 mins
Cook time: 10 mins


1.2 packs Udon noodles (I get the Amoy brand, which contains two sachets per pack)
200g firm tofu (I use the Cauldron brand)
1 bell pepper
2 red onions, chopped
1.2 cup brown sugar
1.2 cup soy sauce
2 Tablespoons smoked Paprika
1 teaspoon smoke garlic paste
A knob of dairy free butter (I still use Vitalite!)
A pinch of Salt


  • Prepare the tofu: lightly drain the water my pressing the block against a kitchen towel or cheese cloth until all excess water is removed. Leave to stand.
  • On a high heat, melt the butter, then saute the onions. Add the sugar until onions have caramelised
  • Add the garlic, soy sauce, smoked paprika and salt, and stir
  • Slice the tofu block into even squares and add to the mixture, stir until cooked through and brown
  • Finally, add the udon. Stir-fry for 3 mins



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