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Friday Basket: Vegan Chocolate

I did a bit of shopping this week, some of it online, and was able to find a few vegan snack bargains. I suppose being able to indulge is a luxury that a lot of people miss when they go vegan, because snacks and sweets either don’t taste very good, or are too hard to find. Now that veganism has become so popular, however, there’s been a surge in supply and supermarkets are selling vegan snacks and vegan junk food with a wider range than even your local specialist health food stores. We’ve had a bit of a chocolate theme this week, so today I’ll let you in on a bargain I’ve found on a vegan chocolate brand that’s caused a lot of hype recently.

A while ago I was preparing to make some white chocolate-filled cookies and I couldn’t be bothered to make my own white chocolate. I did a bit of research and came across the iChoc vegan chocolate range, and ordered a few batches. White chocolate isn’t all they do, in fact. There’s an ever-increasing list of chocolate combinations.

So, as this is Friday Basket, let’s look at the cost.

You can get iChoc for £2-3 for a bar on Amazon, which is quite pricey.

Hawthorn Health is currently selling them for £1.90–much better.

Even better, Violey, a Dutch online shop that I’ve just discovered, has them going for £1.73.

I think this is something you’ll have to shop around for to get a better deal. I recently saw them on sale at Ms Cupcake, so if you want to get iChoc for cheap, buy them in bulk during discount sales. Amazon regularly do sales on iChoc–I was able to get 9 of them for £20.


I think in terms of what iChoc wants to be, the price is reasonable. And by that I mean , based on the packaging and flavours alone, it’s quite obvious that this brand fits into the Green and Blacks/Lindt types, as opposed to your corner shop Cadbury’s. In that respect, iChoc falls into the same trap as most other vegan and health food brands, which is to cater to those with more economic accessibility, leaving those on tighter budgets to see snacks and sweets as an expensive luxury. This is something I have a huge problem with and I think it will be a while until we see a vegan equivalent to Cadbury’s, which is a shame.

It’s a nice chocolate, though. So do shop around for a bargain if you really want to give it a go–I think it’s worth it.

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