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What have I been eating? September-October 2017

So this is where things took a bad turn in my diet, and I began snacking more extensively during the day. I only took one photo of the type of things I ate, because at the time I knew that I wanted to overcome the habit, and I wanted photo evidence to look back on in the future. I was out of college and didn’t really have a day schedule, so although I did things like going out with friends, seeing family and reading, most of my time was spent indoors. I spent several hours watching anime, reading manga, or on YouTube. I’ve since reclaimed my variety in that area, and recently started Crime and Punishment–so far it’s really good!

Back to the food: because I lacked a daily schedule, my eating times were way off. I mainly skipped breakfast, had oven food for lunch (like oven chips, Linda McCartney sausages, and vegetable pies), and then for dinner I would make a simple stew with some rice. The featured picture sums up the type of things I binged or snacked on during any given day. Here’s a close-up:

Here we have shortbread chocolate chip cookies, Mikado (pocky), Fox’s Viennese and Cadbury’s chocolate puddings. All delicious. Can make you feel evil if you eat it all at once, though.

Anniversary: Big Caribbean Breakfast, La Suite West, and Vegan Junk!

4th September was our 1st wedding anniversary. I woke up to a candlelit breakfast accompanied by two olive-coloured paper cranes (he’s crazy about paper cranes? He made about 100 for the centrepieces at our wedding reception). The breakfast was my favourite seasoned ackee, beans, Jamaican cornmeal dumplings and Linda McCartney Sausage. The room was dim so even though I took a picture of it, you can’t really see much.


After breakfast we went to the Tate Modern to see their lastest exhibition, Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power, which was phenomenal, then we went to ride the boats in Hyde Park before having afternoon tea at the RAW restaurant at La Suite West. They do an amazing, vegan afternoon tea. I first visited here with my bridal party just over a year ago for the hen-do my sister threw for me, so it was really nice and nostalgic to go there again.

Our afternoon tea platter: strawberries and coconut cream, chocolate scones, a selection of raw chocolate desserts, and various sandwiches with interesting vegan fillings, accompanied by a pot of hibiscus tea

Now at some point in the day we went to Cookies and Scream, the vegan junk food place that used to be in Camden Market, but they’ve shut it down, so you have to go to Holloway Road. We ordered a chocolate doughnut for me, a cookie sandwich for Sol, and I got a peanut butter cookie.


20170903_151109 1



Okay I’ll be honest. When this place first opened a few years ago, everyone was so hyped about it. I remember rushing to go there and ordering so much that I felt sick afterwards, and my purse had a hole in it. Now I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had so much to eat since then, seen so many things, been to the vegan culinary mountains and explored so many dishes, but I felt that the whole thing was a bit lacklustre. The doughnut was cute and moist I suppose, but the cookie sandwich was so hard and almost stale-tasting. The peanut butter cookie was so granulated. And it wasn’t actually a cookie, it more tasted like a slab of peanut butter, mixed with sugar that had yet to melt through, and a tiny bit of flour. I could barely pick it up with my hands because it collapsed. I’m not sure when I’ll be visiting them again. If I remember correctly, their milkshakes are good, so I’ll have one of those next time.

October: A month of highs and lows

We’re still in October so there’s still hope for me! Anyway, looking through my food photos it hasn’t been as bad as I thought, meal wise. Although I did order a cheese-less Papa John’s pizza just last night… October has had a lot of variety, the binging has taken a dip for now as I’ve been more active than I was in September, so less time to sit around watching things and eating myself silly.

This has been typical of our dinners until we had a fridge. Here we see the vegetarian noodles in black bean sauce from Miso, one of the best Asian restaurants in South London

The Return of Classic Canvas and Cream

20170927_141657 1
I have NEVER tasted sweet potato fries quite to soft, juicy and spiced before. And the outside was nicely crisp
Orange polenta cake with a soya chai latte. I was determined to have a 100% vegan meal, but I’ll be honest it wasn’t as good as their other cakes

This is what I’m talking about. On Monday I spoke of my disappointment at Canvas’s chickpea and sweet potato burger. On this particular October afternoon I had an amazing plate of sweet potato fries, the best I’ve ever had from anywhere. GBK and Las Iguanas has nothing on these, honestly. The orange polenta was okay, but they’ve done a better lemon polenta in the past. They also do nicer cakes, but I was really trying to go 100% vegan so this was my only option.

A Lucky Find in Enfield….

20170919_093912 1
A banana fibre muffin. ‘Twas good.

I had a job interview for a spa all the way in Enfield (where’s that, you say? I don’t know) but I got there too early, so stopped into the Muffin Break across the road for breakfast. I was shocked to see that Muffin Break were still going; the last I’d seen of them I was still in school and living in Forest Hill. They had one in the middle of Lewisham shopping centre, which was then shut down and removed to make way for…a huge empty space. They tend to wheel out primary school kids to sing Christmas carols there in December. Quite a pointless decision. The breakfast I had was a simple soya hot chocolate with a vegan banana fibre muffin. By “fibre” I think they’re referring to the pumpkin seeds and grains they added in the mix, which were a nice touch.

Oh no baby, what is you doin’?

Don’t regret a thing. When you cut this fondant open, a beautiful river of sweet, hot Godiva chocolate flows out onto the plate.
Tobi’s choice: a baked vanilla cheesecake with hot chocolate sauce
Kale and cauliflower mac and cheese with REAL CHEESE

So, this was a flop. I took my best friend Tobi out to the Godiva chocolate cafe in Harrods and honestly, it was heaven. Everything is chocolate and as expected from Harrods, the service made us feel like the heirs of some ancient dynasty. Honestly, I would love to go again, it was just so good and I have no self-control.

A few days ago I was starving and kind-of on the brink of eating my own bag, so I went to Pret A Manger, bypassed all the vegan sandwiches and salads, and picked up the mac and cheese. It was okay, not amazing, and it stank up my car.

Finally, an old favourite!

Red velvet cupcake and a pumpkin spiced latte cupcake from Ms Cupcake

One of my close friends, Justin (who also has a vegan YouTube channel. Check it out here!), first introduced me to Ms Cupcake years and years ago. Since then I kept demanding him to buy me more whenever he was passing through there and can you believe a lot of the time he obliged? He’s a good friend. It’s been a while since I saw Ms Cupcake so I hit her up a couple weeks ago to see what was new. The pumpkin spiced latte cupcake was nice, not too sweet, and the hint of coffee-flavour was just right.

So now you’ve had a snapshot of all the junk I’ve been having. I’ve got a box of blueberries in the fridge that I might just tuck into right now, at least to attempt a detox.

See ya!

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