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What have I been eating? July-August 2017

July-August was a pretty good time for me diet-wise. This was during massage college days, so I had to travel to central London three days a week during rush hour. Our classroom/parlour was hot, so at one point I was drinking 3 litres of water a day. For breakfast, I either had a sandwich from Pret, or a butternut squash and chickpea toastie; then I would buy a couple Bounce bars from Boots, the almond flavour (they always had them on offer); for snack I would have either rice cakes or corn thins, then lunch would be either a vegetable burrito, a fruit medley or some coconut yoghurt. I would have a light dinner. Outside of those three days I would eat fairly moderately. I did a lot more cooking during this time. Here’s a few breakfast-lunch-dinner highlights!

Breakfast: Pancakes and Caribbean

With biscoff spread!


This wasn’t actually a breakfast meal, but we did have ackee and plantain quite a few times for breakfast anyway

For whatever reason my husband kept demanding pancakes throughout the summer, so I was making a lot of them in all their varieties: blueberry, vanilla, banana, lemon, whatever. I guess as a compromise he made lots of ackee, which is my favourite and I always loved the way he makes it. Normally we have ackee with plantain, beans, mushrooms, and toast.

Lunch: Burgers and Books

This is the Dippy Hippy burger: bean patty, beetroot and mint hummus, avocado, piquillo pepper and relish on a sourdough bun
Chickpea, sweet potato and cauliflower burger with red pickled cabbage from Canvas and Cream in Forest Hill

I love GBK, even though it’s a tad pricey, and I’m always hanging out at Canvas and Cream, so much so that back in the day when the old waiting team was still there, I always used to get cakes and tea on the house. Unfortunately, something possessed me to experiment with both establishments and I tried new things on their menus, to slight disappointment. At GBK I normally order the Californian without the cheese and mayo, and it tastes just fine. Their 100% vegan Dippy Hippy is just a little bit bland, as it’s missing those amazing crunchy onions that the Californian has. Also, something about the beetroot and mint hummus just doesn’t go with the avocado, so the whole thing just has a weird, cold taste to it. The chickpea burger from Canvas and Cream is just dry. There’s no proper relish or sauce in there, the “spice” in the spiced chickpea is absent,  and it’s impossible to taste sweet potato or cauliflower. Also, the picked red cabbage just overpowers everything, too tart. I’ll stick with the cakes.



I found these amazing vegan truffles from Tesco. They’re just great. Their FreeFrom section is just getting better and better with the junk food. I’ve seen some snaps on Instagram of vegan rocky roads and tiramisu, too.



This place is great. Dishoom is one of those small restaurant chains that you see in random parts of London and just assume it’s exclusive and expensive, so you ignore it. But one of my other best friends, Dami, had her birthday there at the end of June and afterwards Sol and I had to go there again ourselves. Somehow we found this humongous one in Camden and the atmosphere was just divine. Look at the decor!

Virgin Bombay Colada: pineapple and coconut cream, with coriander, lime juice and chai syrup. Those little pink beads burst in your mouth. They taste sweet and syrupy.


This is the black daal with basmati rice and garlic naan. It might look really plain but it’s very flavoursome. They also have a new vegan menu with lots to choose from now.
We had the pineapple and black pepper crumble with vanilla custard.

It’s a restaurant I definitely recommend. The first time I went here I also had the gunpowder potatoes which were amazing, but I ended up being too full to have any dessert. So for the second time I finally got to taste the pineapple and black pepper crumble. To be honest, this was the only disappointment of the day. The crumble had very little butter so it tasted quite crunchy and granulated, and the pineapple appeared to have dried out a little bit so there was no sauce. Pineapple without its natural juice is strangely rubbery. The custard saved the day.

So those were my highlights of the summer! I wanted to do the next installment on Friday, but I’ll push it forward to Wednesday instead, as I would really like to do another Friday Basket and I haven’t done one of those in a while.


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