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Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake Day!/Life Update/Some Advice

Hi again,

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve uploaded on here which is dreadful! So many recipes, so little time. I began a 12-week intensive massage therapy course with Champneys Beauty College and my schedule overlaps on my blog-uploading days. So for now, so that I can manage, I’m changing the old schedule (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday) to Friday and Sunday. Please bear with me 🙂

I wanted to share my most recent cheesecake creation, something I made for my friend’s 25th Birthday on the 12th May. I actually made two cheesecakes: mango passionfruit and oreo. Here are some pictures of the first one:





You’ll see the second one on Friday!

Today, I went to an event hosted by The Body Narratives, an organisation that showcases women writers of colour. They were hosting a supper party in central London which doubled as a reading session from three featured writers. As a fellow writer I admired the work and appreciated the cool, intimate atmosphere of the event.

A major highlight for me was the food–what a menu! 23-year-old Thahmina Haseen really prepared a spread: aloo tikki burger with sweet chilli relish and spinach, a fried okra side reminiscent of tempura (I hate okra with a passion. I had three helpings of this side); mango salad, and topped off with a cardamom and rosewater cake. She also runs a passion project alongside her teaching career, golden tiffin. Seeing someone two years younger than me stretch themselves to that extent, and be successful at it, was really great to see. She really pushed me to persevere with this blog, as well as my cheesecake business.

Issa spread: golden tiffin killed it.

Sometimes we think about being great, and being better than the people we were a few months or years ago only to be halted by life’s stumbling blocks: work, study, home life, mental health and stress, and then we return to the shoddy business plan, our year’s goals hastily scribbled on the back of receipts and think to ourselves “I’ve got nowhere”. Even though it may seem as though no progress has been made, other people might look at how hard we’re trying, despite all the other mess around us, and be inspired anyway; and other times we can be inspired by others to do our best. It’s all about perspective and outlook. Today was the first time I felt inspiration and hope after being faced with someone doing better than me. I guess the old Abi would have retreated into herself and just given up, thinking that there’s just not enough time, and not enough motivation, to continue. I saw it as a positive step.

So, wherever you are in your endeavours, whether business, life plans, or personal goals, try your best to do what you can manage. Don’t be scared to fail. Welcome challenges and rivals; don’t run away from other people doing better than you are. Transform those challenges into inspiration and always remember: you’re the only one in control of your destination, and your journey will never be the same as someone else’s. Just because that person over there is already at Stop H and you’re still at Stop B, it doesn’t mean that you’re falling behind or failing, it just means that you’re at Stop B. Do what you have to do to get to Stop H and beyond, but don’t let someone else’s journey convince you that you’re doing something wrong. We can all get there, it’s just a fact of life that some people will get there quicker than others.

Tomorrow is Monday: a great day to start or re-start those plans you’ve been sitting on.

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