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Mid-spring Mini-haul

On Thursday I went to TK Maxx in New Cross to get some gym wear. Thursday is when I go for a workout session with TBM Fitness in Peckham. It can be very intense but very rewarding, and it’s my first time really going to a proper exercise class. As always, when I got to TK Maxx I was transfixed by all the amazing housewares they have: the New Cross branch is pretty exceptional. My eye is bound to catch something that I can use in the kitchen, and much to my husband’s chagrin, I was distracted and spent most of the time browsing through the kitchen and home aisle.

There was this cute little set of tiny cooking appliances, like roasting tins and frying pans; and then I saw a bunch of chic and stylish pestle and mortar sets. Afterwards, we passed an impressive display of Himalayan pink salt (I wanted all of them), and some garden furniture. Even though we live in a really small flat (everyone who comes over is so polite and calls it “cosy”), the landlord had made an outside terrace that works as a raised garden of sorts. Really looking forward to decorating it once the weather gets warmer; I would love to get some tables and chairs, astroturf and some fencing. Solomon wants to do a raised flower bed.

I saw loads of things that I would like to buy next time, likes these wonderful copper-style mugs. They would look so nice with hot chocolate in them, don’t you think? On our way home I kept thinking about them, and then I dreamed up a home-made hot cocoa recipe that I might try soon and upload on here.

Aviary Photo_131366304902967105


The cookie stamps were really cute, as were the heart-shaped mini baking tins. They had quite a few heart-shaped items, actually. Thankfully TK Maxx doesn’t believe in “seasonal only” items, otherwise, those baking tins would have gone to the Valentine’s Day bin with everything else.

So, Solomon eventually steered me away (“we have a budget”), and I finally found a good pair of leggings, but I was still able to sneak a few extra things into the shopping basket. Here’s my Spring mini-haul:


Aviary Photo_131366330501666094


I bought two mini springform cake pans (10cm) by Quantinox for £2.99, Regency Naturals cheesecloth also for £2.99. Both were essential purchases: the cake pans are much nicer for giving the local cafes samples of my work, and the cheesecloth is for milk-making. We realised we’re spending far too much money on non-dairy milk from the shop, so we’re going to start making our own. And finally, the gym trousers are by Ellesse. This is the Lucy Mecklenburgh brand.

I’m putting a budget aside for my summer haul; expect some food in that one!

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